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You may be feeling overwhelmed or that you are missing out. Perhaps you feel sad or anxious more often than you think other people do. Experiencing a lack of connection or just kind of blah about your life can drain you of hope. Feeling disconnected or anxious gets in the way of fulfilling your potential. We get stuck even if we want to move forward. Relationship issues become confusing and complicated and start to impact everything.

Wondering if there is more and not sure how to get it?

Sometimes we are just going through the motions. We aren’t sure if this is the life we want to be living and don’t know how to change things if we want it to be different. These feelings can be reflected at work in being unsatisfied or bored. In friendships and relationships, we may act out or feel overly sensitive.

You may feel like you should be able to take care of these things on your own or feel like an imposter.

Anxiety can show up in many different forms. Primarily, anxiety can make you feel like your mind and body are out of sync. Feelings and actions may not line up. For some, anxiety and stress might make you unsure how you feel about things going on in your life. You may feel disconnected from your life.

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Talking to a neutral professional can help make things more clear. I believe we have the answers somewhere within us and with a safe place to explore our thoughts and feelings, we can come out on a better side. It takes courage and strength to process disappointments and vulnerability to make changes and accept what we need to move on. Taking time for oneself is rare these days, slowing things down and getting the support you need is great for your mental health and overall well-being. Take the first step and see what you think.

Imagine a Less Stressful Life

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”

– William James

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You can have a fulfilled, connected, and satisfying life where life doesn't overwhelm you. Starting therapy can be intimidating, but you can live with less stress and more connection. Please call me today for a free consultation. I'm here to help.


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